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Developer / Downloads

  • Skin Development Kit

    Details, guidelines, exemplary images, do's and don't's to create a custom full featured skin for Netlog.
    Currently only partners can create skins with the development kit.

    You can download, and read more about, the skin development kit on our partner wiki.

  • Netlog REST API Client Library (PHP5) (v0.1a)

    A php5 client library to communicate with our custom Netlog REST API.

    You can download this library here. Please note that this library is not for our OpenSocial API. If you are developing for OpenSocial and want to learn more about the OpenSocial PHP client, refer to this article.

    Release Notes

    • v0.1a (April 2008)
      • Initial release
  • Adobe ActionScript 3 Client Library (v0.1b)

    An ActionScript-wrapper to easily access the custom Netlog REST API from flash. Read more about building flash applications

    Click here to download the library.

    Release Notes

    • v0.1b (July 2008)
      • Smaller bugfixes
      • Added option to control native flash trace output of the client (traceoutput property)
      • Cleanup of listeners, added the following :
        • NetlogEvent.ERROR : Always fired when an error is returned from a called function
        • NetlogEvent.RESPONSE : Always fired when a positive response is returned from a called function
        • NetlogEvent.PAGE_LOADED : Fired when the page in which the SWF resides is full loaded, needs to be checked to make sure communication cannot fail (important)
    • v0.1a (April 2008)
      • Initial release