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Developer / Documentation


Applications on Netlog can either have their very own profile, or live inside a game or brand page.

Each app is basically a 'website within a website', created using the classic web techniques (HTML, JS, Flash, PHP ...). On top of those you can use the OpenSocial API to take advantage of Netlog's 'social' data, like fetching the user's friends or photos, posting activities...

All of this means also that embedding an existing web app or page with Netlog is fairly straightforward.

We have some Netlog-specific extentions to OpenSocial. For example, you can:

  • Request credits from, or give them to a user.
  • Have our war-hardened translation team localise your app for you.

On these pages we explain some of the specifics of Netlog's openSocial implementation - including embedding external applications written in flash or php.

If you want to distribute your app on Netlog - and are not already in contact with us - your application will go through a moderation process. You can read more about developing for Netlog in the Application Guidelines (no worries - they're short). After that you might want to get in touch to get your app to our users.

Getting started

These are the basic steps to getting your app running on Netlog:

  1. Make sure you have a Netlog account in the language of your choice (e.g. EN, NL ...). Terms & Conditions
  2. Check our application guidelines.
  3. Get to know the OpenSocial API.
  4. Build your application - you can use our sandbox to test it.
  5. Get in touch to get your app moderated and distributed in the Netlog community.

Our developer docs are not meant to be comprehensive: OpenSocial is an open and widely supported standard, which means their is ample documentation available on the internet (starting with the OpenSocial wiki).