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Welcome to the Netlog Developer Pages, with information for the larger Netlog Developer community. (only available in English)

Web site owners

For website owners there are several ways to get your visitors talking about you on Netlog. Leverage their network of friends to send more traffic to your site!

Learn how to make it easy for your visitors to shout about your web site on Netlog, share it with their friends, or even log in with their Netlog account. Read more ...

Application developers

Applications on Netlog can either have their very own profile, or live inside a game or brand page.

Each app is basically a 'website within a website', created using typical web technologies like HTML, JS, Flash, PHP ... On top of those you can use the OpenSocial API to take advantage of Netlog's 'social' data, like fetching the user's friends or photos, posting activities...

We also created some Netlog-specific extentions to OpenSocial. For example, you can:

  • Request credits from, or give them to a user.
  • Have our war-hardened translation team localise your app for you.
  • Make it easy for users to share your app with his Netlog friends and even e-mail contacts.
  • ...And a lot more.

In the developer documentation we explain how to work with Netlog's openSocial implementation (note that this includes embedding external applications written in flash or php). Read more ...


Bookmarklets are special links that Netlog users can add to their browser's bookmarks. By clicking this bookmark you can than easily share the site you are on, or blog or shout about it on Netlog. Read more...