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20 Juni 2011

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    jimmymassey 7 August 2014


    Let me first and fore most introduce myself to you. I am Mr Jimmy Massey , 58 years old an American Army working under the restoration of peace in Afghanistan. I am living in the capital city of Kabul, I lost my wife 10years ago and before the death of my wife we had a Girl (20 years old) who presently lives with her grand mother in Dublin in Republic of Ireland. I am here to express my love
    and kindness to you though we have never met before but the way I feel about you makes me feel like I have known you for many years, but I can understand what I am feeling “LOVE” it may sound
    funny because we just met but I must tell you that you will never regret being my love and endless love.
    My social life is all about going out to beach during the summer, I sometimes club, I drink socially,i like going out for shopping with love one, I don’t smoke but don’t have problem with smoker’s, I am a
    very peaceful person, have a great respect humor and have great love for my woman once she is caring and loving too. I will be sending you more photos as soon as I get your private email address. This is my private email you can reply me:

    Jimmy Massey

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    rubensfan 8 Januar 2014

    alles gut, was man sieht

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    poumiau 3 Dezember 2011

    :) :) :) :) :) :)