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Anuva’s SEO Experts use ethical, effective and proven methods to attain top 10 rankings in Google, Yahoo and MSN - Guaranteed. Our flexible methodology and proven SEO Optimization techniques ensures customized SEO Marketing Strategy for your unique requirements. Contact our SEO Experts for a Free Analysis or custom quote.

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Anuva is a leading Search Agency providing Professional SEO Services in the areas of Search Engine Optimization, Pay per Click, eCommerce Promotion, Internet Branding and SEO Services across various industry verticals. Our …

posted by anuvatech
7 September 2011

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Tips to get the Best out of your Title Tags

The meta tag is an old SEO tactic that still has its charm but it seems everyone has started to ignore it off late. The title tag is one of the first things that everyone will notice. When it comes to an effective search engine optimization strategy, the title tags can come to be of great help, so you need to take extra care over its construction.

The title tag is a crucial part of a website and it should be constructed with both the users and search engines in mind. Every SEO expert would let you know that this is a place where you must put your most important keywords.

You will find the title tag at the uppermost place in the browser software and on the search engine result pages. The keywords in title tags will be highlighted when users perform a query. When users view the title tag, it will lead them to your site and that is why it is very important.

To establish an effective title tag is important. Below are some tips that might be helpful for you to construct title tags …

Missing Call to Action in Viral Marketing Video …

Recently, we saw a lot of viral marketing videos put up with great responses from the viewers. What was missing, however, was the call to action part. You see when you put up a very creative and interactive video that will change the way and the world of advertising, you do expect something out of the ordinary.

A missed call to action in your viral campaign is a missed opportunity. One video became a viral sensation in a short time resulting in millions of views on YouTube. But, there were no links that would drive traffic to a sales page and no information. They only showed a link to a Facebook page, and wherein a call to action was definitely missing. Many individuals are also sharing this experience with their friends through email, Twitter and Facebook. This is a successful viral marketing effort. Only thing they missed the opportunity of making sales.

If there was a simple link to their site or information to guide people to their sales page, it would have been sufficient. …

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The Importance of Strategic Internet Marketing …

Let us start by asking ourselves the question - What are the secret ingredients that are required to make a successful website? Most of us won't have a clue to this answer. This very unawareness, should stop us from trying to carry out Internet …

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