Blog 1

  • What i want...

    I wanna get high

    Well it's the funkalistic,
    the blunt I twist it,
    the slammafied, buddahfied
    funk on your discus.
    Oh what you missed us
    you've got to bare witness
    catch a hoe and another hoe
    Merry Christmas.
    Yes I'll smoke this
    straight off the roach clip,
    I wrote shit
    for the blunted ones to approach it.
    For one motion
    make you sway like the ocean
    the herb is more than just a powerful potion.
    What's the commotion yo,
    I'm not fuckin' around
    people learnin' bout what they smokin'.
    The oven's on high when I roast a Quale
    tell Bill Clinton to go and inhale
    exhale now you feel the funk of the thai
    when i fell the effects,