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Hey there......

i don't want to write too much cause who cares anyway.
I'll just say a few words bout me, nothin special.

I am Nedim,born in austria and i lived here ever since i was born. Actually i don't like austria but my parents didn't really have another choice, so i'm stuck here.
Theres one thing in particular that i like. It's basketball and i really like it and i think i'm not that bad when it comes to playin itXD
However i like these little things that make life worth living the best, and i'll tell you some of them:
I love to lie in the grass while watchin these million stars blink. I like day-dreaming cause they help me to survive school lessons. I love readin books much more than watching movies cause when i read them i make my own movie about them in my head. sounds weird i know but it'S true.
I love cold pizza...XD i like dancing in the rain because it makes me feel free. Oh and before i forget it, sleeping is the best freakin thing!!!!! :)^

so theres …

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alles guute (:

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